Company Profile
“Anchoya Incorporation is a division of a professional manufacturing factory of filter & air condition parts for automobiles in Taiwan. We deal with a wide range of products for our foreign customers now. The strong product line is as like Filters and Auto A/C system parts.

Air filter, Fuel filter, Cabin Air filter, Oil filter, Evaporator, Condenser, Receive Drier $ A/C horse, Power window switch ,Black up Alarm, LED Strobe lights, and Mirror.

Company Goal
We are achieved our team work was exporting the high quality products to satisfy the clients and need. And continuing to provide highly effective service and developing new products that always are our goal.

Our Service
Anchoya Incorporation strives for quality, excellence in service, friendly relationships with customers and prompt deliveries. We are different to other company due to the fact that we acquire ownership and take full responsibility of the parts we sell, ensuring goods to be transported safe efficiently

Certification: ISO:9001:2000